Good morning world!

I started to track my habits a few weeks ago, since i read a book from Christoph Koch about this topic. Now i try to track me drinking habits (i have a real problem eith drinking enought over a day) and my steps taken (writing my diploma, no time for running) and productivity with rescuemytime.

But i also would like to track my mood, weather (im sure there are connections) but also my meals and (whoops) my digestion (hope thats the correct word) too.
Does someone have any idea which app i could use to track all these things together? Or wich apps are compatible to each other that i could summarize them at one point?
Tried already to find some apps in the database, but its quiet hard to find all these informations in one app and i have no experience with this : /

How are you currently tracking your drinking habits and your step counts?

Do you have an Android or an iOS mobile device?

I use accupedo for my steps and hydro for drinking habit.
I installed myfitnesspal and mealsnap yesterday.

I’ve got and Android phone (Android vers.4)
And an iPod touch (iOS 6)
so, not the newest technology, but hope, that this is not a problem (unfortunately i cant sync accupedo woth mFP, couse I would need a newer version,:s )

Other than RescueTime, none of these apps/services appear to have proper APIs (or even data export), so I’m afraid your best bet may be to manually transfer your data into a spreadsheet. Does that sound too tedious?