GoogleFit API

Hello everyone,
I have a question about the GoogleFit API. I am a student and have the following project:
We should install a smart home for older people. In the smart home my exercise is to combine different health devices (for exampe measure systems for blood pressure, weight, blood glocose…) together. The measured values from the different devices than should be visualized in an App. The App should also be build up by us students. Important is that the health devices must be commercial and testet to use them as medical products.

After some researches I have found a couple of health devices which are also able to share the meausure data with the GoogleFit App. If i am right is it possible to use the GoogleFit API to get these data (Google Fit  |  Google Developers) ?

So my question is: I am obviously not very experienced in this topic and just want to know if it is possible to get the data from the health devices when there is a connection with GoggleFit? And is it possible to send these data to my own App to visualize them?

Many Greetings and thanks for your support.

Usually, yes you can access the data if that app shares it with Google Fit. You can see the full list of data types here: Data types  |  Google Fit  |  Google Developers

You could create an app to collect the data. You would just need the users to opt-in and give permission to your app.