Graduate project: 30 min jawbone interview

We are three Danish graduate students in e-business at Copenhagen Business School and we are looking for interview subjects to our project that focuses on the quantified self and gamification. In short, we are curious about the motivation and experiences that YOU are having by using the Jawbone UP. We would really appreciate your input!

Who? Jawbone UP users with min a couple of months experience
What? 30min Skype or Google hangout chat
How? Write an email to

Best regards,
Christian, Harprit and Christian

Hi Christian, Harprit, and Christian - this is a good place to find research participants but you will have the best chance if you hang out here for a while and make yourself useful; that way you can develop some personal connections.

Hi Gary. Thank you for the great advice. We will try our best but we only have short time to collect the data, unfortunately.
Best, Christian