Greetings from Cleveland OH

Hi, I just recently came across this website. I have been tracking a number of physical, emotional and behavioral factors for about 6 months now and finding this online community is very exciting!

Intellectually, I’ve gotten a lot of inspiration from Doug Hubbard’s book How to Measure Anything. In addition, I am interested in seeking ways to evaluate the degree to which day to day behavior is ethical (from a utilitarian perspective).

Looking forward to both learning from and contributing to this community.

Hi Dan! Welcome to the forum. Great reference - I have picked up How to Measure Anything on Audible and started listening today. I am looking forward to reading this. I hope you find some valuable insights here.

Welcome Dan! Have you got any insights you’re willing to share about the metrics you’ve been tracking? I’ll be adding How to Measure Anything to my Easter reading list too - thanks for the tip.

Thanks for your interest Dave! I’ve been using rTracker (iPhone app) to track the following: mood, productivity, energy level, focus, social interaction, percentage of time doing for others vs. for myself. I measure 3 times a day: at noon, 6 PM and 11 PM (so I basically have a morning, afternoon and evening measurement). Once a week, I dump the data to Excel where I have been building and playing with the history. Now I know that I tend to be most productive and focused on Mondays, with declining productivity as the week goes on. Armed with that knowledge, I can be more mindful of losing focus as the week goes on, and try to counteract it.

One of the things I’ve noticed is that I’ve gotten better at applying a consistent thought process to assessing these obviously subjective factors. For example, when rating my productivity, I basically rate an activity as productive if it contributes towards an explicitly stated objective I have. With regards to mood, I quickly take inventory on how positive/negative I am feeling without thinking about it.

Also just started to use a Fitbit Flex and track calories on MyFitnessPal. Just about 2 weeks in on that, so not much history to play with, but I look forward to merging this in with the rTracker stuff.

I really like data.