Greetings from Germany

Hello dear quantifiers,

I am Sascha from Germany (with a little bit of trouble with my English). I am a general self-improver. I lack a little bit with my tracking, so I hope to learn some more convenient methods than mine.

In training I have my detailed training log and count every word I write (I am working as a personal trainer till I can live of my writing projects), but I lack in tracking my working effort. I switched from a fixed interval based writing schedule (22min writing and 1-2min break) to pomodoro (fixed writing time but adaptable break in between).

Inspired by Brian Crain I now track my pomodoros per day and try to figure out how it relates to my daily word output.

I am looking forward to learn from the community and perhaps give something back.

Best regards


What tools do you use for your training log, and for keeping track of your daily word output?

Have you noticed any correlation between the amount of exercise you get and your productivity?

Willkommen! Wie geht es dir?

I subscribe to the same questions as ejain :slight_smile:

I’m also a Pomodoro ‘user’.
Have a look at IFTTT, here’s a channel that might help with counters :slight_smile:

Danke, Leute. :slight_smile:

I just use textfiles for my training. I normally recalculate my weights, sets and reps every four weeks as part of a short term periodization I developed for my needs.

For the words I use the wordcounterapp from Christian Tietze (he is my admin for my homepages).

For the correlation: It is difficult, because of the inverse U-Shape of the training effect. I usually train 14-16x/week and have frequent deload weeks. So sometimes training helps me, but often it hinders my writing productivity because of some severe overreaching. I did an fat adaption experiment for a year (I think) (cyclical ketogenic diet, and high volume, high intensity interval training in a fasted and carb depleted state). I think my productivity suffered quite a bit during this time.

But it always stands true that my productivity increases, if I stick to my mini workouts in between the writing interval (e.g. some light bodyweight exercises and stretching after my pomodoro). There is some research on that topic:

Verburgh, L., Königs, M., Scherder, E. J. A., & Oosterlaan, J. (2013). Physical exercise and executive functions in preadolescent children, adolescents and young adults: a meta-analysis. Br J Sports Med.

@Diogo Neves: Thanks for the tipp. I’ll evaluate it.

Great findings there! :slight_smile:

Have you experimented with things like 7-minute workout?

For me the 7-minute workout + fruit + shower, in the morning, increased my overall mood for the morning, but I didn’t yet experiment with effects on my productivity… maybe soon.