Greetings from Hungary!

Hello Everybody,

As I’m new to the site, I wanted to introduce myself.

My name is Attila, I’m a Project Manager, TED fan, Toastmaster, passionate self-improver.

I started to track some aspects (mainly mood, energy level, sleep, activity level) of my life about 2 years ago, and the effect is astonishing. It helped me to quit smoking, start regular exercises, get into the habit of regular meditation… :slight_smile:

I’m here because I want to deepen my QS knowledge. And eventually I would like to work on in QS field, not just take it as a hobby.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Welcome Attila!

Awesome Attila we are all learning here. What tools have helped you over the past 2 years?

Hi Gary, thanks for the welcome!

Hi Dave,

I started on a very basic level, with occasionally measuring my heart rate and overall mood. Back then I didn’t even know that this is called QS :slight_smile:

These 2 indicators + a spreadsheet were enough to convince me to quit smoking. Before my resting HR was around 71-72, now it’s close to 61-62 after a good night sleep. Unfortunately I was not really disciplined with the measurements and data handling, so I have a lot of fragmented or lost data.

When I started running, I picked up Runkeeper. Nowadays I started to use Sleepbot, and Fitbit Flex for sleep tracking. I really want to figure out some method that helps me tackle lucid dreaming (being on my 2014 todo list :slight_smile:

What I have challenge is diet tracking. I mean, I’m a bit lazy to calculate calories all the time, and that would be just the basics. Ideally I should be able to log my food with an app that gives me calories, fat/protein/carbo ratio, nutritions… I know there are some apps for this, I just have to find the time to try them out and choose one.

I started to look into all the “aggregation” and multi-function tools like Tictrack,, optimizeme, but I still need to devote enough time to properly test them.

What about you?

Hi Attila,

Have you ever heard of the Aurora Dreamband( This might be a pretty interesting gadget in order to improve your ability to do lucid dreaming. It should ship around mid 2014.

Hi Sebastian,
Thanks for the heads-up! It looks very cool, will look for it when it’s ready.