Hi Everyone. My name is Margie Morris. I am a clinical psychologist doing research at Intel, trying to make technology more emotionally engaging. I’ve been making apps related mood and well-being, and am interested in how these kinds of personal apps will evolve and integrate with social analytics. I’m excited to continue the QS conversation about how we track emotions and what we learn and change as a result.

Thanks Margie for moderating our Mood thread! We couldn’t have a better person to experiment with. I’ve been tracking my mood for a long time, and interested in how others do it. (I wrote a post for the QS blog a couple of years ago with some thoughts on the academic research on what kind of mood-tracking scales were useful: If you are tracking your mood, I hope you will share your methods and results here.

I’ve been tracking my mood daily since December 2010, and I wrote about it here -

Looking forward to hearing other people’s experiences! And thanks for being here, Margie!!

Great to have the forum open for business, and my thanks too to Margie for moderating.

Tracking my own mood since 2007 has been a fascinating journey, teaching me an enormous amount. I was delighted to find the Quantified Self as a result – and to meet some amazing people (the above company all included!).

I’m looking forward to following the conversations here with great interest.

Hooray, welcome Jon! We’re delighted to have your amazing self here too. :slight_smile:


I am new to mood tracking- I’d tried it in the past, but completely lacked the motivation to manually enter mood for any period of time. I recently did some self-experimentation with a new incentive system for mood tracking, along with an “automated” tracking system not requiring explicit user input (using some new and unfortunately unreleased technology); if you’re interested, the slides on my experiment are here:

I also have a blog on it here:

Thanks so much, Nancy! I loved your Ignite talk at the QS meetup this week!! Such a great experiment - I feel like making some placebo pills for myself. :slight_smile: Can’t wait to see what you do next!

Hi Nancy - I loved your talk, too. Super great. Welcome!

i talked briefly at the habit meet up the other night about my recent foray into mood tracking as part of the habit ninja game. i wanted to track something simple yet potentially profound after attending the QS conference a couple months ago, and eventually decided on my mood. i started by using an iPhone app, but found i wanted a customizable scale, so devised my own and am using a “real” calendar (yes, paper and ink!) which for whatever reason works better for me. it’s making me more sensitive to my moods and transition between them, which i love!

I’m so glad I discovered this forum. I was looking for a forum group called Happiness here but Mood covers it.

I’m happy to be a part of the conversation. A new upcoming release for gottaFeeling will allow users to pull their emotions data off the application and do their own analysis; we’re excited to see what people come up with. For some beginning aggregated stats, see:

Because I love my fellow self-quantifiers you can now get version 1.3 of gottaFeeling: This version allows users who purchase(d) advance reports to export their feelings in a CSV file. I would love to see what analysis and insights people come up with!

Hi All, Just signed up and am excited about joining the community! Found the site via Alexandra’s mood hacks article today, and have been using Margie’s app, which is great. I think you all might like my site that is dedicated to teaching people how to improve their emotional awareness and control through body, brain, and breath. QS plays a large role in our thinking, as such, here are some of the QS articles:
We update the site daily w articles, etc.