Guide to getting a continuous glucose monitor without a prescription

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I’ve seen some fantastic QS posts about how a continuous glucose monitor can help dial in your diet and nutrition, but I was never able to find details about how non-diabetic folks living in the US can get one if they don’t have a QS-friendly doctor who will write a prescription. I wrote up how I got a Freestyle Libre from Canada – I hope it’s helpful! If other folks have figured out a cheaper or more direct way to do it, I’d be very interested in your experience.

tldr summary:
Post contains step-by-step instructions for ordering through a Canadian reshipper and connecting the sensor to an American phone. Total cost was around USD $120 for one 2-week sensor; the price asymptotically approaches ~USD $80 if you order more. Subscription services are a simpler option and also offer nutrition coaching, but are considerably more expensive.

Nutrisense is less than $200 but you have to commit to longer periods of time.

I don’t think you need a particularly “QS-friendly” doctor: I’ve had my prescription renewed twice now; both doctors were mildly curious, but neither had any issue writing the prescription.