Gut biome sampled over 14 months

My gut biome sampled over 14 months using uBiome.

Feedback welcomed.

Two questions:

  • Did anything jump out as interesting to you?

  • Did something happening between Dec 2015 and Feb 2016 that possibly connects to some of the most visible changes? (Events, location changes, or something different in the way your felt?)

Yes, I can see that my biome was disrupted when I took steroids for poison ivy – i had a large patch of it on my lower leg – and when I had the flu. The poison ivy was in November and the flu was February.

I can also see when I started to eat more fiber (the last 2 months) and stop taking PPIs. My akkermansia increased a good deal and my bacterodetes to firmcutes ratio improved as expected with such a diet.

Interesting, @IsaacGerg. Thanks for sharing this! If you get the chance, make an annotated image that shows those events.

Yes, interesting to me, too. The introduction to this paper has some basics on the Firmicutes/Bacteroidetes ratio:

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