Gut Microbiome test & Food Sensitivities?

I want to do some elimination diets/Experiments to discover the cause of some of my symptoms (Feels weird in chest, brain fog, feels weird in blood).

Would you recommend Gut Microbiome tests to get a clue about which foods I should eliminate? I’ve tried to keep a food journal for some time, but I have a hard time finding patterns about which foods are causing me trouble.

And if you recommend Gut Microbiome tests, then which one specifically do you recommend?

Richard Sprague (@sprague ) is active in this forum and I would use whatever he is using lately.

Here’s some background:

Hey Lars,

I’ve a similar problem, though with different symptoms. A lot of my concerns and symptoms are related to nutrition and tracking every food intake together with the feeling afterwards is not quite enough and very time consuming. It’s extremely difficult to use the practise of removing a suspected ingredient from your diet, when you suspect almost everything and when you usually eat a lot of different ingredients at once.

Inspired by my gut problems I actually worked on creating an application that would help me find patterns between the food that I eat and the way that I feel (it got way bigger during the development process, but this was the main inspiration). If you would be interested to try it out - reach me and I would be willing to add your symptoms into the predefined list and give you the access to ‘Analytics’.

Hope it won’t sound like a promotion, I just knew there has to be people with similar problems and I hope that this tool can actually help solving them.

P.S. I’ve spoke with different doctors about Food Intolerance/Sensitivity tests and they’re all very sceptical about it, though a Microbiome test is something that caught my attention recently, so it with be definitely interesting to hear more about it.

I’ve tried MySymptoms. How is your platform different compared to it?

I’ve checked it out and must say that the platforms are different in many ways, though I would agree that the idea behind it might be similar.

You mentioned that you still have a hard time finding patterns, so I think there’s no harm in trying out something else. I understand that with every new tracking app you need to invest time, so if you’re interested - I’ve published a blog post about my own experience using Feelsom, explained how the calculations are being done and provided many examples.

Or check it out by yourself - Feelsom: Health & Food tracker

Either way, I’m very interested in the topic and hope you’ll find what you need!

P.S. I’m planning to visit gastroenterologist soon, so maybe I’ll get more information about relevant microbiome tests :woman_shrugging:

I ate almost nothing but oranges for 4 years.