HabitSpark - Helps you start so small you can't fail

Wanted to share an app my buddy and I built called HabitSpark, it’s a free app only available for iOS devices at the moment.

We’ve based it on years of behavior design principles and research. One thing we’ve learned is that humans have a tendency to set huge goals for ourselves. Then we bang our head against a wall struggling to achieve those goals because they are too big. Instead of succeeding and building momentum slowly overtime, we end up setting ourselves up for failure and feelings of defeat.

When it comes to life changes like losing weight, eating better, or being more productive at work or home, we should forget everything they were taught about “Dreaming Big” and start so small we virtually can’t fail. Then we take that really small behavior and associate it to a cue, or routine, you already do so practicing becomes an automatic reflex – no reminders or alerts needed. Here’s an example:

“After I get home, put on my workout shoes.”

It’s so simple but it works, and we’ve built an app to help guide you along the way. It just became available yesterday on iTunes, love to hear your feedback, comment, and thoughts.

You can also reach out to me on Twitter, @colin or @filamentlabs.