Harmony Mood Tracker

Hi all,

I’ve just finished development on a web and iOS mood tracking app called Harmony Mood Tracker (web app link). I built it for myself essentially as I was frustrated with the lack of being able to share data with other apps and in the process I figured it might be useful for others, so I polished it up and released it.

You can set daily reminders to score your mood from 1 to 10. These records are saved and synced with the web and mobile app, so you can record and view history from anywhere.

At the moment the API is pretty rudimentary, you can view JSON, save and delete using HTTP endpoints. As the userbase grows I intend to link it up with other applications, for example exist.io and other quantified self dashboards. Possible future features are a chrome extension for easy tracking, computer vision to automatically record mood and being able to infer mood from factors such as location, movement, app use etc. There is some great research around this topic.

It would be extremely valuable to get people’s feedback. Even if you’re not interested in the app itself but are into mood tracking, it would be great to have a 15 minute conversation about how you do it and what you want to be able to do. Get in touch at tom.chambers@gmail.com

Harmony Mood Tracker iPhone/iOS app
Harmony Mood Tracker web app