Has anyone actually tried tracking all the fights they've been in?

To me, they’re still frightening and painful to track. Especially the passive/aggressive fights.

But on the other hand, they might FINALLY be a way for me to actually solve all the fights I’ve been in.

As someone with ADD, I’ve just realized that the vast vast vast majority of fights I get into - are fights over conscientiousness. I resist it when I’m forced into settings that demand high conscientiousness - since I fully know that I’ll take a performance hit from it (thought suppression causes the rebound effect, after all - and this is particularly bad for those with ADD)

But on the other hand, they’re not the only vicious fights I have. Still, the first identification is a good start

I have ADD too but I don’t have frequent fights with my spouse. I don’t think there is a correlation between ADD and fights anyway.

When you decide to track something statistically with a metric, then you usually start off with a purpose in mind. Usually it is either (a) a question to answer (b) or to prove earlier results. In the case of tracking fights, this maybe a very fruitless endeavor. I would suggest instead you track other moods such as depression, loneliness, fear and it wouldn’t hurt you to look for an anger management counselor as they would have specific techniques to deal with fights.

Good luck with that my friend, and remember that you control your anger and you can always choose to walk away from a fight.