Has anyone been able to export past meditation session history from muse app?

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as the title suggests, I am trying to export my past meditation history from muse. According to support, no official way exists. But I was wondering if anyone has been able to read the data from where they are stored on the device (using android) or intercept the api muse uses to download the data from the cloud.

As an alternative, can you suggest an other app with similar functionality, that works with muse headband and has an open api? I have heard of Mind Monitor, which exports raw brain wave data, but this seems too low-level for me. Looking more for a neurofeedback app similar to muse, with the ability to export metrics of past sessions.

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No, and I’ve been looking. Muse have (did have) an API that is still publicly available, but no longer supported. Unless you are a software engineer with enough time to go through whatever documentation and code that’s available, it’s probably not the best route. It’s available at: Download & Install - Muse Developer Resources

There is a notice from muse somewhere stating that they are dropping support for publicly available APIs and apps to access raw data due to the technical support overhead, but I can’t find it I’m afraid. They also state (in the same statement) that they are working on an export feature for the Muse Meditation app, so some light there.

Statement re Muse Direct: Muse - The Brain Sensing Headband

I have also come across this Medium article, that suggests it is still possible to develop applications for Muse 2: Developing for Muse 2: Muse 101 — How to start Developing with the Muse 2 right now | by Anush Mutyala | Medium

Good luck