Has anyone ever tracked their kids activity?

Has anyone ever tried tracking their kids fitness activity? This is something that does not get enough coverage as compared to adult fitness tracking.

I know most of these devices are not built with kids in mind, especially when you consider the age limitation you have when it comes to sharing information online.

If you’ve at a point in time tracked your child activity, i would really love to know how you went about it.

Here is a little piece i wrote about the use of fitbit for kids.Buying And Using Fitbit For Kids : Parental Guide.

There are a bunch of fitness trackers geared towards kids (e.g. the vivofit jr. or GeoPalz); any thoughts on how those compare to the “adult” products?

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Here’s a QS talk by Bill Schuller on “Counting with My Kids.”


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I believe kids trackers are more game oriented. Unicef has a device for kids as well.

I recently started doing that and it has really encouraged my kids to move and reduce their screen time. I got a vivofit jr. after reading the recommendations here and it has really helped my kids stay active. It’s quite natural too. Kids love gadgets and they love rewards.
When they know that they will get rewarded for doing an activity or chores, they are doing to do that for sure. I am happy I made the right decision. My next upgrade would be a Fitbit Zip.

I am very much impressed with KidFit, but I do love LeapFrog LeapBand Kids Activity Tracker. I just think it looks great and match kids pretty well. It is funny that a device that looks pretty much like just a damn toy has tons of features that specifically target kids. In my opinion, LeapFrog LeapBand is the ideal activity tracker for kids that a parent can buy his child.

Why ideal?

Well, let’s look at it this way.


It comes with up to 50 challenges built to keep your child busy throughout the day. And since each challenge is kid-friendly, it shouldn’t be hard for them to develop a positive lifestyle.

I like how this sounds

Whether they want to wiggle like a worm, match like a troop of elephant, or leap like a frog, LeapFrog is what you need to get them.


Children also love rewards, no matter the form in which these prizes come. Each challenge built-in this tracker awards your child with points after completion. Of course, your young prince can use their point to unlock new pet toys to play with.

Bottom Line

The primary goal of this activity tracker, if you ask me, is to get kids on the move without forcing them to move. LeapFrog naturally gets every kid on the move.

That means it should be straightforward for your baby to get 60 minutes of activity every day – and without reminder.