Health 2.0 Sleep Technology Summit report

I’ve just finished live blogging from the Health 2.0 Sleep Technology Summit, covering the current state of the consumer sleep tech. Some highlights:

  • More than a third of working Americans (40M+ adults) don’t get enough sleep
  • 2 in 3 sleep tech consumers are satisfied with the technology (though note that actigraphy, on which most of the tech is based, is unreliable), and 50% felt they slept better
  • CBT worked better than sleeping pills
  • One meditation app received $34M in funding
  • Data from 500 million nights of sleep has been analyzed, revealing some interesting correlations with activity levels
  • 2Breathe, a device used to induce sleep using breathing patterns, is accepting beta testers
  • Users complain about the lack of actionable data, which is a consequence of the devices not being intended to diagnose a condition due to FDA regulation. The most common outcome of tracking is simple awareness.

The full blog post is available on my Medium account,
@dandv - Blogging live from the Health 2.0 Sleep Technology Summit Expo.