Health Data Tracking study - Receive a personal data narrative in return!

Hello everyone! My colleagues and I are looking for participants for a fun data tracking study for our PhD research. All will be remote so international participation is a possibility. Interested? You can find out more and let us know if you want to participate through this form: or shoot us a message!

You realise you’re going to get very atypical users from advertising here, I assume?


@Jeshyr, yes, I realise :slight_smile: We are recruiting via many different platforms and are interested in the perspectives of both active health data trackers as well as those unfamiliar with the practice!

That’s cool :slight_smile: I signed up, for what it’s worth

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I saw, thanks! We’ll get back to you with more information soon!

Hey there, I am doing a Phd on a similar topic.
Would love to connect and chat :slight_smile:

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@fellyf3l Very nice, I would love to connect! Maybe we could connect through e-mail and set something up? Mine is :slight_smile: