Health Score

I’ve been looking into a few models for scoring health (such as Nudge, Higi, Dacadoo, Tictrac and One Health Score).

I haven’t found details of the exact formula used for tracking these. Generally, they will take various inputs like age, height, weight, gender, nutrition, activity, sleep and mood to calculate a single number. In the case of Digital Health Scorecard they claim a higher score correlates to lower likelihood of developing certain chronic conditions.

Does anyone have background on how these scores may be calculated? How might others try to calculate a score using inputs like gender, age, height, weight, blood pressure, blood glucose and steps? How might you incorporate sleep, mood and nutrition into this as well?


Dacadoo’s health score is somewhat documented in this patent.

Thanks Eric.

I found a great summary of the Digital Health Scorecard at as well. The approach for this is you start with 100 points, and for unhealthy lifestyles points are deducted.

I’m developing an app and would like to provide a health score. Dacadoo licenses their’s but I’d like to get an idea how something like this can be created.

I’d like a score that took as inputs: age, height, weight, steps (weekly or daily average), blood pressure (weekly average), blood glucose (weekly average). I’d like to expand this to more data as well.

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Hi, I am also working on developing a health score / risk assessment tool right now ( We are taking a similar approach, starting with 100 points and then deduct points based on (a) personal status and lifestyle (age, gender, weight, exercise), (b) current medical complains, and © family history. We are still at an early stage and have been iterating on the approach, it’s fascinating how more insights get generated as more data accumulates.

We are also thinking about ways to include other data such as results from diagnostic tests, mobile apps, social media, etc. to make this scoring more comprehensive in nature. Would be interested to hear thoughts on integration of data from various forums.

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To add a few more fully documented and peer reviewed sites / metrics, to those listed above, have a look at:

You should also check out a UK based clinically valid suite of health scores for disease risk. I think these with are the two biggest guns out there for health scoring (realage excepted).