HealthPixel: health tracking mobile app

Hi all,

I want to show a new mobile app I made. It’s called HealthPixel (website), and it’s currently on Google Play.

The app can be used to track whatever aspects of your health are relevant to you. You can define your own “events” (e.g. exercising, taking a medication, or experiencing a particular symptom) and “levels” (e.g. energy level, pain level, mood, etc). Whenever an event occurs or a level changes, you just tap a button and the app records the timestamp. The app also lets you log the food you eat and track different hypotheses about your health. You can view the data in a web dashboard or export to CSV format.

Like many people here I have tried various approaches to tracking my own health data. This app is based on my experience of what works and what doesn’t. I wrote an FAQ here.

The app is free for casual use; unlimited use requires a subscription. The app is designed with privacy in mind and you have the option to keep all data stored locally on your device.

Happy to take feedback and questions!


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HealthPixel is now available in the iOS App Store!

If you want to use it, I am happy to have a free Skype/Zoom call to give some personalized advice on how you can use the app for whatever you want to track.