Healthstored - app launch! Feedback very welcome

Hi all,

Big thanks to everyone who signed up to try out healthstored earlier in the year. I’m very happy to announce that, as of yesterday, the Android app is out of testing and now available on the Google Play store.

You can find it here:

The app syncs up with your healthstored account and lets you add records for you and your linked accounts on the go. You can also set up a custom reminder that works with your schedule.

To administer your account, and view and analyze your records, head over to the website.

I want to get more of this functionality into the app, and I’ll prioritize my work based on the feedback I get.

I’ve been using this system in its various forms for two years now, and in that time it’s given me valuable insights into (among other things) my headaches (the main reason I started it), sleep, my weight and my alcohol consumption. I hope that others will find it useful for whatever combination of health stats they need or want to track.

As a reminder, here’s a brief description of healthstored:

With our long list of trackers, you can record, store and analyze as much as you need, quickly, easily, securely and with privacy.

There are 17 categories for you to choose from:

Blood pressure
Blood sugar
Body measurements
Peak flow
Respiratory rate

You can view your records with:

Tables - Easy-to-use, editable
Interactive graphs, with the ability to compare data across your categories
Reports showing interesting and useful analyses of your data
Export - easily export all your data in CSV format

You can also track your loved ones. At healthstored you can track up to five others, with customisable category lists and data analysis for each of them.

Data privacy is very, very close to our hearts. Your data isn’t shared with outside advertising, insurance or analytics groups. Your data is here and here only.

We also want our users to play a vital role in defining the future of healthstored. There are feedback forms around the site to easily send any comments you have.

To help you get started, we will offer the first 30 days free. Hopefully in this time you’ll come to love our easy-to-use service.
Once those 30 days are up, you can either upgrade for a low, low price of $24/year, or continue with the free package to your heart’s content. The free package restricts the number of simultaneous categories you can track, doesn’t allow the tracking of others, and has a few adverts dotted around.

“Why have multiple tiers??” we hear you cry! As mentioned before, we don’t want to share your data around to all and sundry. This is what most ‘free’ sites do as a means of getting paid, and we want to try a different way. Hopefully you’ll join us.

Nice. Export could use timezone offsets? :slight_smile:

Thanks ejain. It’s a great feeling to have the app released. No time to rest though :slight_smile:

The data is stored based on the client’s time settings, so it’s not timezone specific. The ‘Activity History’ on the website is timezone specific though, since it uses the system time to record when the user adds/deletes/changes a record.

Or maybe you want the ability in ‘export’ to change all times based on a chosen timezone?