Heart-rate Measurement

Set to begin September 7th, a new Kickstarter project, Pulse Sensor, aims to develop an optical, open source, heart-rate sensor for the Arduino. Can it record HRV? Not yet but it might be soon.

We also noticed this great project, and it got us to excited that we donated the admission fees from the last QS Show&Tell to them. They are going to demo it to QS when they have it done.

I was inspired by the QS donation to also support this great project. I’ve been playing around with ideas for how to use the device. Maybe we can use this thread to fuss out possible interesting projects using the HR sensor.

My first thoughts on tools to build:

  1. Stress & biofeedback system/app running on computer
  2. Computer game for kids requiring increased HR to function/improve in game
  3. Overnight HR monitoring and correlational analysis with ZEO data

Would love those tools Ernosto. Get on that! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Would like to use it in correlation with people/relationships. That would require a mobile device that was less noticeable…perhaps. Reason? I am not convinced I know who is best for me relationship wise. I believe I fool myself. I would like to pick up on it sooner.