Heart Rate Monitor for Cardiac Patient

My father in law had 2 cardiac events and we want to do everything we can to prevent a third event or manage it better if it happens. I found this forum when searching for a heart rate monitor that i can buy for him.

I am hoping for a device that he can wear on his wrist that will continuously monitor heart rate and ideally detect anomalies and alert him and/or others if there is a event in progress. Is this technology available yet? Any product recommendations?

Even if these features are not yet available, amoung products like Fitbit,jawbone, microsoft band, Mio,etc, what product is best suited for heart patients? Most of these mass market products are geared toward runners/cyclist/exercise buffs not on heart patients…

Wristbands would report too may “anomalies” due to noise (e.g. when moving around), and can’t record a continuous ECG. AliveCor might be useful for regular tests, but keep in mind that doctors often have trouble diagnosing (never mind predicting) a heart attack from an ECG alone.

Thank you for your response. i will look into Alivecor.

This press release I just came across might be relevant, too: http://mobihealthnews.com/38510/infobionic-raises-17m-for-remote-heart-monitoring-system-mome/

Yes. looks like its a more professional device. I will look it into it also.