Heart Rate Variability and me


I’m 50
215# (to be 205 by 4/1)
Travel too much
Eat Poorly
Work out 3-5 times a week (moderate HR 130s)

And am interested in improving cardiac health

I have an Apple Watch and have tracked HRV numbers ranging from 15 to 21 me and an average resting HR of around 58 - normal BP.

I cycle when the weather is good

Question - I understand that a hover HEV number is better (correct?) and am looking for a plan to crank it up.

Btw - I had my 23andme data analyzed and I do have a genetic predisposition for A-Fib so it’s even more important to maintain my cardiac health

Thoughts - generally?

Hi Mike,
Best wishes on your weight loss and other health improvements. Travel is a challenge for diet and exercise.
I haven’t settled on my personal diet approach in regard to heart health. I know I need more vegetables and a greater variety of them. I also see benefits of calorie control, although I have not really achieved fasting status (< 600 cal). In my opinion diets need to be unique to the individual, so plan on tuning your choice for what works for you.
I believe you want higher HRV numbers as an indicator of good health. Are you meditating or doing breathing exercises? How is your sleep quality?
I like the idea of interval over constant heart rate training.
I will have to go back and look at my 23&me data. I don’t recall a report on A-Fib. Did you use another firm to review the data?
Apple recently announced an A-Fib study. Are you using that app on your Apple Watch?
Good luck!