Hello! and Reaching out to QS users and researchers

Hi, I’m Ruby from Canada. I am a researcher on workplace self-monitoring, as well as a fan of various lifestyle self-tracking tools. Nice to meeting all of you here!

I would be happy to exchange my feelings and experience with you in quantifying the self in various occasions (e.g. diet, mindful eating, steps, health-indicators, sleepings, etc.).

Also, I’m curious is there anyone interested in workplace self-monitoring? By workplace self-monitoring, I mean self-surveillance of work-related acticities (e.g. working time allocation, distraction management, work habit tracking, web browsing tracking, etc. Of course, I have no boubt that fitness is part of work-life balance, thus an important part of workplace self-monitoring. It seems that this forum has a focus on fitness and well-being, so if anyone of you have experience or have interests in workplace QS, I would be glad to learn from you!

Thank you all!

Dear @RubyJ. Nice to meet you as well! I am doing some workplace self-monitoring experiments.I haven’t published many of them in my blog yet. But a few examples of my experiments; everytime I (have the intention) to stop working I write down a sentence why I want to do so. I plan to cluster all these reasons and recognize my behavior and keep working (if I want to).

Another experiment is that I make a schedule of the things I should do during the day and if I deviate from that plan I write down why I deviated.

Wow…interesting approach! I tried “motivation-tracking” on paper as well, but sometimes a bit interrupted, so now I’m trying to find some apps to help me (or develop my own app LOL). Have you ever found any interesting?
Nice meeting you here :slight_smile:

Maybe we could skype to talk about it a little more? I have been using Rescuetime and Clockwork Orange to track my working hours. There are some gamification elements in Rescuetime like weekly goals but those don’t really help me. I was thinking about developing an application based on this blog I wrote, but unfortunately I don’t have any app-making skills (yet).

Nice to meet you too!

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Thanks Justin! I will read your blogs. Since I’m a university researcher on this topic as well, your information and thoughts would be really valuable! Let’s keep in touch.
Hope we will find some nice way to handle it :slight_smile:

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@RubyJ - Welcome to the QS forum.

I am one of the developers of Aware an open source workplace self monitoring tool. It records and categorizes all activity including screen shots (see Aware Replay) . I have used it to collect almost a decade of data about my work habits.

I have been working on rudimentary support for randomized experiments and have run a few personal experiments but have not gotten around to documenting the results or the methodology.

Any feedback is welcome!

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Nice work! I’d like to learn more about the Aware that you have developed. So far it can only record users’ screen activities right?

Currently Aware records running program information as well as window titles apart from screen captures.

As I type this - It should record that I am using Chrome and working in a window titled “Quantified Self Forum”.

For a while it also recorded text around the caret as the user typed - but that was buggy so I removed that feature.

I am in the midst of trying OCR on the captured screen images to see if that text data improves the classification results.

Hi all! I’m fairly new to QS, using it for fitness, health, workplace productivity, mindset/mood tracking. Keen to learn more about the health side of things. I’d really like to get in touch with someone that can help me eat right for my microbiome