Hello (co-founder and innovation director roadtohealth group ltd)

Just wanted to say hi.

I’ve been playing in the digital health space since 2001 with our proprietary cardiovascular health risk score and health improvement programs.

Until now we have been totally aligned with commercial enterprise, with our risk solution and coaching programs being only available via select partners and corporates around the globe and their staff/user base.

This year however I have decided to broaden the reach somewhat, extending our clinically based algorithms to cover Diabetes, Cancer, Dementia and Musculoskeletal problems, in addition to cardiovascular.

These we are wrapping in our own UI and coaching solutions for direct to consumer (as well as for utilisation in other sites/apps) and also are making available the algorithms/scoring via api’s for other wellness providers to use, where a clinically validated algorithm for the above disease risks can add to already existing devices/platforms programs.

It’s been an interesting journey so far and I hope we will continue to improve many more lives as we progress it further.

Anyway, hi to all and I look forward to hopefully being able to contribute something of value to QS.


That sounds very interesting! Can you give an example of the input and output of such an algorithm?