Hello - co-founder & CTO of EveryMove

Hi folks, I’m the co-founder and CTO of EveryMove. A startup working to create additional value for your existing fitness data. We integrated with 40+ partners (300+ apps & devices). We work with brands, employers and health plans to provide rewards to users. We have a game-mechanic layer to allow you to participate in leaderboard, earn badges, level up, using whatever device/app you prefer, doing whatever physical activity that suits you.

I’m particularly interested in ways to get more fitness data into EveryMove, and also on how we can do interesting and valuable things (for end users) with this data.

Feel free to contact me at marcelo@everymove.com or @calbucci

I’d be interested in ways to get at least some fitness data (e.g. points per day, manually entered activities) out of EveryMove :slight_smile:

Hey Eric, we don’t have an official export API yet, but you can always hack our mobile API to get some data out. :slight_smile:

That said, we have a light plan to have export APIs later in the year.

This feature has been out there… go here: https://everymove.org/edit and click export data at the bottom of the page.