Hello. First off, looking for a general QS device

I’m interested in H+ and self-improvement. I generally follow the paleo diet, which has been very successful for me.

QS intersects with these kinds of things, but I haven’t gotten much involved in it, and would like to do so now. Not looking for anything too specific at this point, just a general purpose QS device to continuously take basic measurements and, if possible, allow for good syncing, access to the raw data, an alarm clock tied to the sleep monitoring system, etc.

(Although this might be more appropriate for the Apps & Tools forum, I’m posting it here because that subforum strikes me as being centered on more specific tools like oximeters).

Currently, I’m trying to decide between the Fitbit One and the Basis watch 2014 edition. (Fitbit Force was unfortunately taken off the market).

Fitbit One - Good syncing, raw data can be accessed for additional fee, motivations system, very good reviews, limited in features relative to the Basis but 2x less expensive, sleep mode has to be entered in manually but does have an alarm system. Another advantage of Fitbit is that its ecosystem is much bigger than that of the Basis.

Basis - A huge panoply of features that is simply absent on the Fitbit such as heart rate monitoring, skin moisture, advanced sleep monitor but unfortunately, no alarm. Also no open API. There are some complaints about the accuracy of the heart rate readings. The 3.2/5 stars average review rating on Amazon is also a big source of consternation.

Or are there any other products that you would strongly recommend versus those two?

PS. I’m happy to wait a few months if there is a really good new product projected to be released in the intervening period.

Thanks in advance for your input.

Fitbit and Jawbone are overdue to release new products, but I wouldn’t hold my breath…

The Fitbit One is a great step (and elevation gain) tracker. Probably more accurate than the wrist-worn gadgets. But sleep tracking is a bit tedious (need to remember to start/stop). The Withings Pulse has the same limitations (but a nicer app and website).

I still find the BodyMedia FIT to be the most useful general purpose tracker, as not all my energy expenditure can be inferred from step counts. It’s also least obtrusive (armband), and knows when you’re lying down or not wearing the device.