Hello from Denver

Hi People,

I am Buzz living in Boulder, CO and heard about this place on the How Stuff Works website. I’ve been meaning to track many aspects of my life probably because I’m a geek and I belive in tracking things. Is there a good general purpose app for it ? Something where I can enter any daily event (such as wakup time, what I ate, when I had my hair cut, how much I read, etc…) and define reports or just look up that data later ?



I developed https://zenobase.com/ which, as it so happens, I use to track sleep time, where (though not what) I ate, when I had my hair cut, and the books I read :slight_smile: Sleep is recorded via BodyMedia, and places via Foursquare, but both could be entered manually as well.

Hey Buzz,
Be sure to check out the QS Guide here
There are hundreds of tools. Many are focused on a particular set of general things. I have recently started compiling a list of general purpose trackers for daily data. This is totally not comprehensive so please share any you discover.

beyobe.com (this is mine)

Please let us know what you learn!