Hello my name is Kevin and I am a quantified human

Hello everyone! I am interested in the quantified self movement in all aspect of life. I believe that the quantified self movement can help people do (at least) two things: 1. increase happiness, wellbeing, etc. AND 2. use technology to ease cognitive strain (if you don’t track it, it didn’t happen). I am interested in what other people quantify within their own lives. Have a great day!

DISCLAIMER: I am a UX researcher for an Android app called Compass (in pre-alpha as the time of this post). We are creating an app to help people follow through on their goals and track their progress.

This app?

No, in fact, I only just discovered this app yesterday morning about 4 hours before your post. Our app is not viewable to the public yet, but we are currently engaging in initial usability tests and expect to be available by the end of the year (under a different name it seems).