Hello QS

I became interested in QS after reading a book on gamification. I a big proponent of the “Internet of Things” and think that QS will be the first step (it already is really) into a more connected world. I’ve become fascinated with my wife’s obsession with her fitbit (which was almost a lost fitbit last week) and how someone who was never really a data junkie (like me) would get so into the device and the info it delivers. I would like to take it further and start developing a more comprehensive personal health sensor. Something like the fitbit, but actually be able to do real bio monitoring. I figure, this would be the place to see what’s already out there on the market. I’m looking forward to the interaction.

Welcome Dennis! When you say “bio monitoring” do you have any ideas already in mind?

I think we’re now entering a stage in the market where activity trackers have become common place, and we’re now beginning to see the market mature towards more in-depth monitoring - it’s a great time to be thinking about starting something :slight_smile:

You mean like heart rate, skin temperature and sweating? ECG/EEG? Blood glucose?

With Sensors being so tiny, and ATT now allowing small radio chips on the 3G network the possibilities are limitless. You could have small sensors in a shoe insert to constantly monitor weight loss and gain to communicate with a tracker. Add that to a food diary, temp sensor, maybe even an digestible blood glucose (bit creepy), etc one could correlate some nice data. Who knows. I’m still brainstorming things.