Hello QS!

Hello everyone, my name is Akim. I am a third year physics student at a university in the United States. I became interested in the quantified self concept after I spent the entire last semester tracking the total amount of time I spent studying for each class. I used an iPhone stopwatch to record my time which I would then log into an Excel document. A month into the semester I began to rely more on RescueTime, which quickly improved my time management.

Along the way I realized that the more I paid attention to the way I spent my time, the more productive I became. This shocking discovery lead me to search out for more effective ways I could learn to “quantify” myself, which essentially brought me to this website.

I’m starting a new semester next week and I hope I can find extra time to contribute to the forums and meet new people who are also interested in this stuff. I’m currently learning how to code using Python and I even got an idea for a QS side project of my own. So are there any other students out there?

Also, can anyone recommend me some other great QS blogs/forums that offer relevant information on the topic?

Nice story Akim, thanks for sharing. RescueTime sounds interesting. I am no student but time sure does not stop being valuable as you get older. I would be curious to hear more about it (and anything else you care to share about your project).

Definitely Dave, I’m working on a idea for a time logging software which would also be a game. Right now it’s really more of a hunch I’m following through than it is a well developed idea, so I can’t really say much. I know that Tyler Renelle (which, if I’m not mistaken, also is a big QS supporter) did something similar with his website HabitRPG, so it’s going to be something along those lines. His website is really the only one I encountered so far that is doing something similar.

Hi Akim! Here’s my favorite blogs about self-tracking.

Lifestream Blog
Measured Me

Also, don’t miss the Quantified Self group on Reddit. A lot of relevant stuff there too!

Wow, thanks a lot sebastienrosa! I’ll check these out today. :slight_smile: