Hello to the Quantified Self Community!


I’m Frank. I’m 31 and I live in France, Paris. My main occupation is to build free and open source softwares. Among them I work on QS tools. My goal is to enable the community to work collaboratively on giving meaning to data.

By the way, since January 2014 I have quantified myself regulary (My 2014 QS setup).

Today, I’m glad to meet the community and be able to participate to discussions via this forum.

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Greetings Frank! You have the makings of a QS Show&Tell talk whenever you are ready. We’re always eager to find out what you learn. If you are in Paris you aren’t terrible far from our QS Europe Conference in Amsterdam in May. Maybe some of us coming over from the US can meet you there.

That sounds great! For Amsterdam, right now, I can’t afford paying the entrance ticket and accomodations. But at Cozy, we had our first fund raising termsheet yesterday, so I will see if we can plan a budget for the QS conference. Do you think that there is any opportunity to make a talk there?

Hi Frank, I think the money vs. sleep correlation, along perhaps with other of your self-discoveries, would make a great talk! We can take this offline if you want to find out about becoming a “Friend of QS” which is a program we created to connect toolmakers and sympathetic individuals to QS events and program, but for people who have new companies I usually just recommend showing up in a normal way and just participating along with everybody else. It is a wonderful meeting, not like any other.

Ok that sounds good. I will send you soon an email about that. Thank you!

Welcome! I hope you find what you are looking for. You’ll get the most out of the forum if you share a few details about who you are and what you are interested in…