Hello! What made you decide to join the QS movement?

Hello everyone!

I am interested in why people decide to become a ‘QSer’ as I am currently writing a thesis on wearable technology- I am looking at the relationship between the growing QS movement and the demand for wearable devices.

Why have you guys decided to join the QS movement? I personally decided to join to help change my lifestyle to a more active and healthy one!




I saw in german TV “Elektrischer Reporter” an article about QS and thought “Of course”:

I keep an eye on the speed of my Scooter.
I monitor the temperature and humidity of my Room.
I control load and free space on my Computer.

But I didn’t watch the most important of all: Me.
And without, there are no Data to compare when I going sick.


I heard from my professor that QS existed, because a colleague of her is involved in this.
I try to monitor my nutrition as good and as simple as possible, because I discovered that better nutrition=better well-being and I am often being asked about my nutrition as many people I talk to are interested in how a vegan nutrition works.
Because I often struggle to give an accurate answer to some of them I decided to started to collect some of the in my opinion most important data about my nutrition. Also, I am interested in how my nutrition is set up in detail and what I could change to perform better.

I joined because I want to exchange with people about how to design such a collection of nutritional data.

See ya! :slight_smile: