Hello world!

Hello all! I found out abut QS while reading a journal article on wearable computers. Data has always been a little frightening to me. I blame on my days as an investigative police reporter the amount of information you can find out about a person in such a short amount of time was mind-boggling in the 1990s. Now, your two-year-old could pretty much figure out what you weigh, your address, phone number, HR, speed, cadence power output, calorie intake, productivity the list goes on.
I’m currently working on a magazine article on the dreaded “Big Data,” subject but my interest in QS is more personal of course. I recently completed an Ironman and tracked untold amounts of data during my training. Now I want to take that data tracking and turn it into a speed improvement plan so I can cut 3 hours out of my Ironman time. People have said it is impossible but I smile. Making the impossible possible is my MO and I am to do it with data. :slight_smile: I hope to learn from you guys and possible turn this self experiment into a tool anyone can use to make the impossible possible.

Hey Ovetta thanks for sharing. Wow big goals and no half measures from Ovetta. I’d love to see your success in cutting 3 hours from your time, and how QS helps you.

Thanks Dave. Yeah it sounds like a lot but it isn’t. You get 17 hours to do the race. I finished in 15:25. I want to finish in under 13. It’s about the same as cutting out 30-min on a 1/2 marathon. I can already cut out an hour on the bike. It’s my marathon that’s way too slow. I took it easy on my first one. I aim to dominate in my second. :slight_smile: I can’t wait to meet more QS folks. I can’t tell you how much data I collected on myself during IM training…it was ridiculous. Eventually I’d love to take all my handwritten data collection and turn it into one all purpose digital application/collection transmission device. I had no fewer than three devices on me at all times and I’d like to get it down to just one. :slight_smile:

Go Ovetta! If you share your methods, data, and results, you will find many interested fellow-athletes here.

Thanks Gary. Yes I will. I’m working on putting all the data I collected over my 12-month training period in 2013 into a digestable format. Any ideas would be appreciated. I used a variety of data collection resources including a fitness app on my desktop/phone, fitness devices as well as my own fitness/journal. I’ve got data all over the place. Trying to cull it together into something readable and understandable.