Hi I’m a newcomer here.

I’m developing a platform where you can share anonymized data about yourself, that can latter be used by scientists.

It’s really early stage but already online here : openquantified.org . I’m working hard to add other devices support.

Could be quite useful! How does this compare to DataDonors?

Good Question!

The main difference is that dataDonor just let you access an ‘abstract’ of the data easily. You can’t get your hand on the raw data. My idea is that as soon as you have uploaded your data, they are anonymized (GPS data normalized / rotated, no personal information, you don’t have to login to submit data) and directly commit to a github repo that datascientist / anybody can clone easily.

Another difference is that I’m just starting ( the site is funcitonal but not ‘designed’) and I yet have to convince people to commit their data where dataDonor already had millions of donations.

Anonymizing data is tricky; what do you mean by “normalizing” and “rotating” geographical coordinates?

I’m planning to do something similar to what Axa does for their Kaggle chalenge :

Normalize the GPS coordinate so the first one is at 0,0 and rotating it of a constant angle so you can’t match it with a road network easily.

Interesting approach. I publish the tracklogs for a lot of my trips, so rotated or not, it wouldn’t be that hard to attribute the data back to me… People might therefore want to have the option to strip out location data alltogether?