Help us design a new platform to organize your data

Hello everyone,

We are a small team that is currently developing tools to help people organize all the data they have into meaningful insights. Our goal is to create a platform that can be a single place for people to organize, secure, and visualize their data.

Recently, we launched our beta Android app that is now available on the Play Store (under the name Atlys Explorer). We are a small team and bootstrapping our way to first set of users, which is why we rely on feedback from users in order to focus our efforts and resources on features that users care about the most.

We would like to invite QS community members to check out our app and share any thoughts and feedback. Our hope is to implement all the features and integrate data sources that this community deems essential. You can learn more about us and our platform by searching our name (Atlys Networks) or visiting our website (

Thank you for reading this and hope to collaborate with you all to build this platform.

Kind Regards,
Co-Founder & CEO, Atlys Networks

Hi Arsalan, maybe worth discussing some of the relevant issues with David at Life Metrics, you may be thinking along the same lines: Quantified Self Startup/Student, looking for feedback



I looked at your website (which looks great) and It liked what it says about the data platform and data privacy.
What is less clear is how you propose to help the user to make sense about all her/his data. The part about data visualisation is still very generic and creating a huge dashboard (even if looking nice) does not seem to be enough (nor very original)
Yves (developper of Knomee - similar position on data privacy)

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Hi Yves, thanks for checking out our website!

That’s correct, we are first and foremost a privacy manager and assistant for users - we will be implementing features that would allow users to submit delete requests to the original data source and update their privacy settings (similar to Jumbo Privacy app).

The dashboard is meant to be highly modular and users can choose Widgets from a Library to add to their dashboard. We are starting with some default widgets that are basic summary charts (e.g. steps summary, app usage, commute history); however, our business will not revolve around developing charts and dashboards. Our goal is to become a platform where anyone can develop widgets and publish to the library if they want. This way users can choose from default widgets, create their own, or choose from widgets developed by others. We want experts in areas like self-quantification, data communication, and data ethics to have access to a platform where they can develop and test different widgets - users would then be able to review and vote, which would help incentivize meaningful and useful widgets.

The current version is very basic and mostly a demo and proof of concept until we grow our team and solidify the privacy and security measures. Once the app is stable and secure, we will move on to adding features that would allow users to create their own widgets.

I’d love to answer any other questions and talk more in-depth about this exciting field. You can reach me directly at

Kind Regards,