Help with Livestrong data export

Hey all,

I searched but couldn’t find anything directly about this. Hopefully someone else has the answer!

I wrote a free JMP add-in to combine my nearly 4 years of exported BodyMedia food log files and activity summary files and will make the addin available on the JMP user community in the near future. Since MFP is pretty popular (despite its stunning redundancy), I also adapted my food log import script to work with the text files output from the Chrome add-in My Fitness Pal Data Downloader. It’s a Chrome extension which provides CSV export from MFP which I am sure must have been mentioned on here before.

One of my colleagues uses Livestrong My Plate and I am trying to help him get at his detailed food log data.

I know, that tool is a bad choice from having read the threads I could find about it on here! :slight_smile: They don’t appear to want to make it easy to export your data. It appears they used to or do still (???) have a data export tool on the lower right hand side of pages because I can find info about it online, and can see it in IE 11, but the export widget part of the page doesn’t show up in my Chrome browser. I noticed it was still there in IE when I used JMP’s Internet Open which launches an embedded IE browser in JMP and I could see the export widget on the page in that browser while it was missing in Chrome. Must be an HTML5 thing!

I was able to get the calorie summary data into CSV but I wanted the Detailed food log info like I could get from the other sites. When I try to export that, I can get a crappy printable HTML report page that would be kind of a PITA to parse though I think I could do it with regexes in JSL (which is how I reformatted some info in the other food logs). The CSV export for the detailed option gives me a web page error in IE. The export tool was also there in Firefox but exporting Detailed as Excel also didn’t work-I got the error “Service Unavailable - Zero size object
The server is temporarily unable to service your request. Please try again later.
Reference #15.dd0c1060.1411207639.d549f4b”
Although I submitted a support ticket, not holding out a lot of hope there!

If any of you have successfully gotten your detailed data out of livestrong, could you share how you did it? If I can get to a text file of exported food log data, I should be able to create a JMP add-in for that data too. Thanks!

Well, this is what I got back from Livestrong support. Guess I will have to be patient!

Chris Paul, Sep 20 05:42:
Unfortunately this feature has been disabled at this time so that it can be updated. The site team plans to have this completed soon.
Let us know if you need anything else.
Thank you,
Livestrong Support Team