Help with mood tracker comparison?

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Hi, I’m the creator of a mood tracking app called Changes and I’m currently finishing off a new website.
I want to include a feature comparison but I don’t have much experience with the other apps!

Here are the apps I’ve gathered for comparison:
Daylio, Moodnotes, iMoodJournal, Mood Panda, Moodly, Emoly, Stoic, Moodistory and Reflectly

If you are a user of one of those apps, would you mind having a look to make sure I’m not misrepresenting anything on my comparison? I’ve created a Google Sheet where anyone with the link can comment, available here:

For context, a preview of the new website is here: - click the “Learn more” link under “the best mood tracker”.

I want to say “the best mood tracker”. If the evidence doesn’t quite support this then I’ll have to rethink my copy, or (ideally) update Changes to make it true.

So while I’m leaning towards features that make Changes look good, if there’s something missing that you think is of paramount importance, please tell me so I can make it a priority or add it to the comparison.

And of course if I’ve missed a major mood tracker in my list, please let me know about that too.

Thank you!

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I’ve used iMoodJournal quite a bit this year. The criteria that render Changes superior, in your view, to iMoodJournal are the insights and influences features. So a lot hinges on that. I look forward to trying. FYI, I stopped entering data into iMoodJournal because I wasn’t learning very much and I came to distrust my ratings.