Hexoskin is shipping to backers

Just an FYI. I backed the project and I just got a tracking number. It should be here by the end of the week.

They haven’t made any public announcements so it looks like they’re keeping a low profile about so they don’t get million questions from other backers who are slated to receive the units at the second batch.

Very curious! Please let us know what you are learning as you test it out.

McGee, any updates?

I did receive the unit before the new year.

I have only tried it out a few times so far. The heart rate sensor on my shirt is not picking up much a signal. The breathing sensor is ok. There are 3 in total.

I’m hoping I’m able to re position the sensor into the correct spot as it could have slip out of place when they were sewing it together. It is channeled inside of the shirt.

I think a shirt is the way to go instead of a harness. I’m wearing a Lumoback back posture sensor right now. It always rises up or out of the position it should be in.

I’m not a very good reviewer of products so you guys are better off waiting to hear from others.

I have been wearing my Hexoskin for a week.mi will write more later. But as a long time QSer, I am telling you: go buy one NOW! Best darn device ever made,for QS. Comfortable, accurate and best of all, I can get all of my data easily. Just brilliant.