Hi all!

Hi everyone! I’m definitely not new to QS tracking, as I have years of diet and fitness data in notebooks dating back to 1998, but more recently I’ve been collecting data using a BodyMedia armband and food logging software. I have struggled on and off with my weight since middle school but got to a healthy weight in 2010. I started using the armband around that time and have 4 years of data now, including a pregnancy. I am the former product mgr of JMP Genomics software and now am a software dev mgr for JMP. My teams handle the work downstream of feature dev (builds/installs/testing/doc/localization).

Recently, I wrote JMP Scripting Language (JSL) scripts to import the Excel summary files and text versions of my exported food log files into JMP for visualization and early analysis (blog post on my project called Digging into Diet and Fitness Data with JMP on the blog JMP, http://blogs.sas.com/content/jmp/. I’ll be blogging more on the topic and posting some free JMP addins for others to import, combine, and format their own sets of BodyMedia files for JMP. I started using JMP around 2002 while doing my PhD work in bioinformatics at NCSU.

Hi Shannon!

Thanks for joining the forum and letting us know about your post. I remember trying out JMP a while back when I first started my PhD.

Just wanted to let you know that I made a small edit to you post to fix the link :slight_smile:

Thanks, Ernesto! I appreciate the link help! :slight_smile: I started using JMP in grad school with JMP 5 and we’re now working towards release of JMP 12 next year. It’s been a pretty remarkable evolution to be part of especially recently. We’re celebrating JMP’s 25th anniversary (Sept. 34th :wink: ) and 4 of the original JMP team members are still working at JMP. I was really impressed an early copy of JMP was still running on this ancient Mac they had on display at the conference…fortunately, those developers are all using the high end trash can Macs now.


Wow, I was so excited for my poster to be featured on the reading list for this week! :slight_smile: I first opened the email this weekend, got distracted partway through reading an article about blood glucose monitoring attitudes, and didn’t notice till yesterday afternoon that there were links and thumbnails from my poster included. Thanks! http://tinyletter.com/qslabs/letters/what-we-re-reading-september-20-2014

Keep them coming Shannon :slight_smile:

Thank you for sharing it here Shannon! Please keep up the excellent work and keep us informed of any more data analysis and visualization you or your colleagues create!

I definitely will! I am working on getting my weight workout data entered and thinking of how to visualize that. It’s all recorded in notebooks so this might be a very long term project. I have 5 months of data entered so far…out of about 5 years, plus older data too.

I’ll post links to future blogs as they go up too. We have a series planned on the data import and graphs from the poster.