Hi everyone

Hi guys,

My name is Etienne and I’m based in South-East Asia working on a Quantified Relationship Startup called Dish Out.

Looking forward to interacting with everyone interested in the topic!


Hi Etienne!
Welcome to the forum. Dish Out sounds like something we need more of. How will it work? Is it for romantic relationships? Heart sensors to see if he/she likes a kiss?

Hi Dave and all,

Thanks for your comment and interest! It’s a long story actually, we’re currently working on a beta test since we’ve done some user research and need to pivot from our initial concept.

Let me write a summary for you guys and I’ll share it in the Apps and Tools section?


Would love to hear more.

Check out this write-up about how Daniel Reeves and Bethany Soule pay each other to get chores done.

I also have a side-project going on that uses self-tracking data to match up people.

Very exciting Eric, thanks for sharing this stuff.

Welcome Etienne - interested to see where you go with it. Glad to have you in the forum.

Hi guys,

I’ve created a thread in the apps and tools section for Dish Out. I’ve written down an overview of the project and how it has evolved since the ideation stage. I will try to maintain the thread as long as we move to launch date. Your feedback is very welcome!