Hi from Buenos Aires

Hi im a recently new user of Interaxon Muse. I hope to research more about it, when i have more spare time.
I recently got into Toggl.
Its approach is simple time tracking, (i would have to time track this post, leisure time). Im looking towards to getting a day, week, month balance to reduce improductive time, im not a workaholic. On the contrary I end up wasting too much time doing nothing, procrastinating, coming late to places, being tired, living under anxiety.
So im timing, activities, that form part of my life, bus time, bus waiting, time to exit home, doing tasks, thinking im doing something, tv, internet, etc.
The question is if you wanted to load all this data to use massively with some research tools, some kind of special analytics, is there a free service like that? google has something on this?
Example, collecting data of all the persons that want to share, how much time they get to waking up, or more punctually, how long does it take to get a bus, in particular place, or to measure another service as a consumer. Couldnt it be helpful to we as users, big data companies, service/consumer providers? what is the status on something like this? i dont think im inventing the wheel with this.

The way i describe this concept is more about filling a calendar on realtime with time tasks, how would you think, of measuring this data, without interfering with the proper task (timing constantly on the phone app). Other approachs like sensors, voice recognition, reading qr codes for measuring activities, or other wearable devices.

Im new to this subject. What others tools would you recomend to a newbie?