Hi, I am a product designer for health apps!

Hello everyone!

I am a product designer (interaction designer, user researcher …) and am working with startups to create good apps and products for people like you.
I am working with these guys(http://www.h2opal.com/) right now and am trying to understand peoples’ needs, behavior, habits about their hydration … so that we can create a working solution for geeks and lazies alike.

** Actually I’d like to talk with some of you if you are interested, please PM or email to: danijel.kurincic@gmail.com


I’m curious, why would someone want to track how much water they drink? I can see the use of tracking caffeine and alcohol, or perhaps having a sensor on your body that measures how dehydrated you are.

Hi Ejain!
Yes, you can rely on your natural thirst “sensor”, it tells you exactly the right thing, right?
WRONG. It is as if obese people would rely on their hunger to live healthy. Our bodies are spoiled of our habits as a society and low hydration is one of the few we haven’t even begin to solve.

Can you tell how hydrated your body is? You can’t. You would need an implant.
Can you tell how much liquid you drink every day? You could, but it means a lot of manual data entry which nobody likes.
Can you ensure a better body hydration by just simply having a water bottle and then having a measuring device that will encourage you to stay hydrated and warn you when you aren’t … Now this is feasible.

Maybe it’s flash-news for some people, but I was taught in primary school to drink 2 litres of water a day. Do you?

Yes, every time I pee :slight_smile:

Can the bottle tell how hydrated your body is?

It’s a myth, see http://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-24464774.

Perhaps this bottle could be useful as part of an experiment, together with a device that tracks the actual hydration level (e.g. compare absorption of water vs other drinks)?

I’m just not sold on the idea that being encouraged to drink more water leads to “Optimal HYDRATION” and “More ENERGY and Better HEALTH” (as claimed on your site).