Hi, I'd like to introduce Breathe Sync™

I’ve followed the QS movement for a while. As a yogi I have tracked a number of aspects of my life without quantifying them. I have now launched Breathe Sync™ a biofeedback breathing app for iPhone that measures you inner wellbeing. (Based on the functioning of your autonomic nervous system as you sync your breath with your heart.) Would love some feedback from the QS community. Thank you.

Checked it out Michael, and signed up for your newsletter. To help the community understand: what differentiates you from HeartMath?

Best of luck on your excellent adventure!
Co-Organizer, BiohackersNYC

Hi Richard, Breathe Sync is similar to HeartMath is that it aims to bring your breathing and heart into a coherent state. The key differences are Breathe Sync times your breathing to get you into a coherent state faster and also gives you a measure of your heart rate variability, HRV, that we call WQ. If you would like to discuss it further sometime that would be great! The latest version v1.1 has just been released and we’re really excited about it.

Thanks for your words of encouragement