Hi. I'm Josh

Hi. I’m Josh. Really glad I have stumbled upon this place. Looks like there are a fair few with the same interests as mine.

A bit about me
I’m into bodybuilding, fitness, biomedical sciences (mainly pharmacology) and IT which I have been doing for a few decades, and more recently into biometrics. Generally interested in a no-limits, experimental approach to exploring what my body can do, and how it reacts to various stimulus.

My devices are:
[]Suunto memory belt ( 24/7 HR logging, RR Interval variability, substrate utilization, EPOC, etc)
]Suunto t3c
[]BodyFitMedia core (I colloquially refer to this as my bodybugg)
]Tanita BC545N segmental body composition scanner ( weighing scales with bio impedance )
[]Variety of cameras ( mainly for video analysis )
]Accelerometers (use these for various classification of activity & measuring movement parameters)
[]Kinovea (video analysis software for analysis of movement)
]Firstbeat ( analysis of suunto data, estimation of recovery status, etc).
[]iPhone ( GPS logging, as well as manual activity classification, food logging etc )
]Measuring tape, calipers, etc.

Current work:
[]My current goal is trying to automate the analysis process as much as possible, and to pull all of the low level data together.
]Getting devices to talk seamlessly would be nice, but I do not hold out much hope for that at the moment.
[]I am also trying to resolve some of the discrepancies in inferences made by different devices eg( energy expenditure from the suunto and bodybugg ).
]I like to get as much of my key indicator data in real time, or with quite a tight turnaround (from data capture to display), so I can act on it. I am not there yet with it, but gradually inching closer.

I look forward to talking & learning from you all in the future, and especially if anyone has similar kit, hacks, tips or tricks, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Thanks for reading.

That which does not kill us makes us stronger.

Hello Josh!

Nice kit you got there, sadly I can’t offer any advice on tracking and pulling the data together as you seem to be using an Apple product, dear me.

Have you seen this:

I’d jump on that wagon (actually did) if you are an active Gym user, seems cool and it’s usually worth contributing before the product comes to store if you’re 100% certain that you will be using it.

Welcome to the forums!

I was searching the forums to see if anyone had mentioned the Push Strength band and came across this post. I looked into various strength training wearable devices and that one seemed promising so I ordered one. I’ve got a lot of my strength training data in a data table and have been working on visualizing it, so having additional metrics like the ones the band provides seems like it would be very useful in guiding my future training. I’d be curious if anyone else had used it and what their experiences were exporting data with their API. Thanks!

Joshua - wow you have quite a lot of tracking devices! I’d love to talk with you further about what you like and dislike about each device. It sounds like you have a ton of knowledge to share. I’m making a device of my own that can easily (non-invasively) track a variety of blood markers (cortisol is the one I’m currently working on). Blood analysis seems to be missing from the QS equation much of the time. If you would like to test out an early version of our device I’d be more than happy to send you one.

Details: https://github.com/nebulabio/protochip/wiki