Hi QS'ers, interest in the interaction between emotion & decision making

Been lurking about the forums for a while now and thought I’d break cover.

I’m co-founder of a software research venture (with commercial aspirations) - The Mind Experiment - focusing on the interplay between emotions and decision making. Our main theme can be summed up as ‘where would your life be now if you could have avoided your worst 10 days (or minutes!) and knew how to have more ‘best’ days’.

We have a few of initial areas of interest:

  1. Computer/device use to baseline emotion/mood/attention/personality. Very nearly have a beta release of “Inner Insights” available. See here for sample images of my mouse use for fun, but for real value we run algorithms on these sorts of things…

Mouse movements,
Movement - Distance, speed, screen-zones, smoothness, churn
Clicks - Frequency, screen-zones, hesitation,

Keyboard use
Frequency, speed consistency
Number of deletions, deletions/a-z ratio,

Start day, Stop day
Time in analysis - excel, other financial software
Time in distraction - web, social media, games

  1. Day-traders decision making/gamification. Behavioral indicators which profile decisions that traders make and use game mechanics to help out.

  2. We have some really exciting work regarding HRV to help gauge/identify intuition. Seems it may be possible to profile that intuitive ‘a-ha’ moment from HRV output. Aim here is to have an empirical measure of knowing when to trust your gut.

Here’s some links to explore and follow us if of interest:

my Linkedin page
The Mind Experiment blog
Day Traders software

Really looking forward to getting more involved with the QS movement.