How about quantifying and tracking your blood alcohol?

We are making the first wearable alcohol sensor that connects to your smartphone: and we want to hear what you have to say! We have a video and some screenshots of our app on the website, but we want to learn from you what added features you would like to see. Our biggest question is: how would you like to use Milo?

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Nice, seems more wearable than

I would use it to figure out exactly what type of alcohol produces the nice elation effect without hangover, and what the minimum effective dose is, taking into account what I ate before and how long ago. Looks like an integration with food/hydration tracking apps would be useful. Unfortunately, one of the most popular food tracking apps, MyFitnessPal, doesn’t record meal times (just a vague "breakfast/lunch/dinner/snacks designation).

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I’d love to know how fast my BAC goes up (and comes down) when consuming alcoholic drinks, and what factors have an influence (water consumption, food etc). Of course the device would have to be accurate enough to detect small differences… Other than that, all I’d need is being able to export the data from the app!


This is great! I’ve been looking for something like this for a while. I’d simply like to be able to log drinks (type/ quantity) with timestamp and compare to blood alcohol level over time. Calculation that estimates drinks consumed based on BAC would be nice. Ability to export data and API are also very important for me. Lots of possibilities for app. Set thresholds and alerts based on BAC. Share data and alerts with friends. This is interesting use case to keep tabs on friends at party:


Thank you guys so much for this feedback. I cannot emphasize enough how useful this type of insight is for us right now. If you have other insights for us please let me know!

Hey all,

I know this forum hasn’t been updated in a while, but I figured I’d try this request anyway. I’m doing a research project on alcohol tracking/wearables and was wondering if any of you can spare 10-15 min for a phone interview.

In exchange, I can offer a $10 Amazon gift card and the chance to win a $50 gift card on top of that.

Please sign up here:


Hi Jeff - Have you looked at the NIH project? Probably some good stuff for you here:

Hi all,
We just launched PROOF™ - the first alcohol-tracking wearable!



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Have you done any personal experiments to see what does (and what does not) affect how fast your body processes alcohol?