How can I lifelog my teeth (especially my back teeth)?

So I have significant recession in my back teeth, but it’s often impossible to take pictures of them. Is there a way to lifelog their state?

Are you talking about gum recession ? If you go to a periodontist they take the measurements in millimeters of how deep the pockets are at a couple points around each tooth each visit.

being a dentist I would recommend doing foots. It may be to hard for you to make periodontal charting yourself and maybe too expensive to get it charted regularly.

What we to for taking foots in the back is using a mirror. We also use fixed length macro lens and fixed distance to the tooth. so you would be able to measure the picture.

lets say you take a 1:2 ratio (without the autofocus of course) you have to position the camera exactly at the same distance all the time to get a sharp picture.
If you have visible recession I would take the border line of enamel to root surface for measuring. since this doesn’t change normally.
You could also try like an intramural cam. The chinese ones are fairly cheap, for dental professionals at least, where our intramural USB cams cost about 1000$ and up.

Hope this helps.


I’ve never thought about tracking dental health… until now. Just tracking changes between check-ups would be interesting, as opposed to “all good” or “get your waller out”. Will be asking my dentist if I can get a copy of my previous records on my next visit.

Not exactly what you’re looking for, but you might like this: Sensor-Embedded Teeth for Oral Activity Recognition -

Just found this - an interesting read on the subject posed

Have you seen your dentist? any progress of your problem?