How do I prevent myself from throwing off my myZeo headband in the middle of sleep?

It kills my results. :frowning: and surprisingly, it often happens in the middle of deep sleep

I heard they’re beta testing an adhesive version :slight_smile:

Lee, that’s great to know! I’d love to try that. Any idea when it might be available?

InquilineKea, I’ve had that problem, as well. I move around a lot when I sleep. What did the trick was (1) ensure it’s underneath all my hair, so the hair sort of keeps it from slipping off and (2) making it quite tight. I know, it’s tricky, because you don’t want to give yourself a headache. But try making it just a notch tighter than you think you want it. You might be a little uncomfortable at first. But I think the band must stretch a tiny bit, because nowadays I don’t feel it’s particularly tight at all, but it still stays on.

My friend who is in the beta testing indicated that there seem to be some significant glitches to work out still, so don’t know when it’ll be around. I was recently turned down to beta test something (unsure if it was this new feature or something else) because they filled up, so looks like they’re not accepting any new beta testers right now.
But the headband thing seems to be an issue they’re aware of and working on.

Ah, bummer they’re not accepting new testers. How does one get on their beta tester waiting list?

2 solutions:

  1. staple gun… nuff said

  2. try something called the Military Half Crawl position and use a Side-Sleeper pillow.