How do you practice Quantified Self?

Hi QS-Community,

I’m a master’s student of computer science at Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg in germany, currently working on a project regarding the provenance of QS data. I want to model the provenance of the data workflows, from as many different types of tracked QS data as possible. To get an overview of the workflows a user creates, I request some help of you. I’ve created a little survey containing four simple questions that are simply asking: In what areas do you track yourself, what exactly are you tracking, how do you track it and how do you use it afterwards?

A very compact example answer could be: I for myself track for my weight training the weigths, repetitions and pause duration for every workout. I add them through my IPhone to the Daytum App and afterwards I export the collected data as CSV into Zenobase for a good visualization of my training progress.

This would be one workflow of QS data, described in two sentences. Because many people are tracking much more data from them, please try to distinguish your usage for every QS data type and be precisely. You don’t have to answer in complete sentences like the example, see the survey for explanations.

Link to the survey:

If you want to inspire other people (for example show them how you can get the best of your data), you can post the answers in this post, you don’t have to do it anonymized in the survey. I’ll check both sources. I thank every participant for helping me with my project.

You guys are truly great!